What do I want to Hear?

When I’ve got something important happening, God has told me many, many times in his word to seek wise counsel.

Get another opinion.

Discuss options.

And consider a different perspective.

But who is wise counsel?  If I get my advice from the wrong people, I’d be better off not getting any at all.

This is where King Rehoboam, Solomon’s son, made a big mistake.  He had an important decision to make early in his reign regarding the workload he was giving his people so  he asked the elders who had advised his father for their perspective.  He didn’t like what they said so he went to a group of his friends who told him exactly what he wanted to hear.

Bad choice.  His people rebelled and the king barely escaped with his life.

Rehoboam was obviously not seeking wise counsel – he was looking for people who agreed with him.

Do I ever do that?

Do you?

When we talk with people about issues in our lives, are we looking for wisdom?  Or do we talk to the people we know will agree with what we want to do?

If we want to avoid the disaster Rehoboam experienced, we will choose our counsel wisely.

Please give us wisdom, Abba Father.