Let it Rain!

Today we read in Leviticus that God promises to send the rains if his people will obey him.
It’s hard to understand what a huge thing that is until you are in a position where you need rain and only God is going to be able to give it to you. I grew up in a rural part of Iowa where the economy of our small town depended on the farming. If the farmers did well, the town was doing well. When the farmer’s crops didn’t do well, nobody did well.
The part of Iowa that I’m from usually received just the right amount of rain for the corn and soybeans that were growing. There was no irrigation available. So, when the rain didn’t come, the only one we had to rely on was God.
I have lots of memories of praying for rain. When the issue was critical, the churches in my small town would have prayer services at night praying for rain. This was serious business. The churches would be packed – standing room only sometimes. And we would spend hours praying for rain. Our dependence on God was crystal clear.   We called out to him in our time of need and I don’t remember an instance where he didn’t respond with rain.
Living in the city, it’s a lot harder to feel that dependence on God. We know everything we have comes from God but it FEELS like everything comes from our paychecks and the grocery store. I think it takes more discipline for us to keep aware of how dependent we are on God.
Another very good reason for us to be committed to reading his Word this year!

What do you think?

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