Why are they afraid?

Joshua and Caleb are standing in front of the whole community of Israel in Numbers 14 and they are telling them not to be afraid and not to rebel against God.

They were part of a group who went to spy on the Promised Land.  All of the other spies came back talking about how great the Promised Land was but they said no one should go there.  The people were big….they were giants!  They started putting a plan together to go back to Egypt.

They wanted to go back while God was asking them to trust him and go forward.

Does this sound like us?  Do we ever just want to go back to where we were?  Back to what we know and where we thought we were comfortable?  Have you ever gone back and realized your memories have shifted from reality and the reality of going back isn’t so great?  I have.  It’s never as good the 2d time.

I’ve learned that there’s really only one direction to go – and that’s forward, trusting God for the next step because we know that he has a purpose for us and plans that will be to our benefit.

What do you think?

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