What It’s Not About

He hadn’t started his ministry.
He hadn’t healed anyone, he hadn’t done any miracles.
He hadn’t DONE anything yet…..except be who he was.
He was Jesus….God’s son.

And God opened up the heavens at Jesus’ baptism so he could tell everyone that this was  his dearly loved son who brought him great joy.  Without doing anything.

This story became one of my favorites when I realized that Jesus hadn’t done anything to ‘deserve’ God’s love at this point. He just was.
And God was pleased with him.
It’s important for us to remember this whenever we get stuck in the mental trap of trying to be ‘good enough’ for God. We will never be good enough on our own – only through Jesus.  We can get so weighed down with guilt and busyness and obligation that we miss the point.

The point is having a close relationship with God.  Jesus, as our Savior, makes us good enough. We please God because we believe and we are his children.

That’s what it’s all about.
Dear Father, we thank you for saving us. In gratitude for all you’ve done, we give our hearts and lives back to you.

What do you think?

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