What would I benefit?

Jesus asks us in Luke 9 to give up our lives in order to save them. It doesn’t make sense……..or maybe it’s the only thing that makes sense?

As we look around, we see crowds of people working really hard trying to find happiness and looking for a purpose for their lives. Jesus tells us that we won’t find meaning for our lives in possessions and things we can accomplish on our own. What do we benefit if we chase these things our whole lives and still end up empty?

I was caught up in this at one time in my life. I was willing to do almost anything to advance my career including working 80 hours a week and travelling 3-4 weeks out of the month. I was working extremely hard to move up the ladder of success and, thankfully, God made it clear to me one Sunday that my ladder was up against the wrong wall – my priorities were all messed up. What a disaster it would have been to devote my life to getting to the top only to find that I didn’t want to be there! I would have gained the whole world but lost the things that are now the most important to me.

Thank you, dear Father, for showing me that putting you first in my life is really the only way to find meaning and happiness.!

What do you think?

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