How much more?

It’s one of my favorite phrases in the Bible.  We read it here in Luke and then it shows up several more times in the New Testament.

If sinful people know how to give good gifts to their children, how much more will our heavenly Father give us?

In the verses before this, Jesus tells us to keep on asking and we will receive what we ask for.  He tells us to keep on seeking and we will find.  He tells us to keep on knocking and the door will be opened.

Jesus is telling us to persistently go to God with the things we are looking for and wanting.  On all occassions and every situation – go to God until we find what we’re looking for, until the door is opened.

Have you ever tried this?  It works for me!  When I’m concerned or worried about something, I’ve learned to give it to God everytime it comes into my mind.  Every time…over and over…. 50 times a day if that’s what it takes. 

When I’m successful at doing this, I get what I’m looking for.  He gives me peace.  He lets me know that he’s right there with me and he’s in control.  He reminds me of his promise that he’s working whatever it is out for my good – all I have to do is love him.  He pulls me back to him and centers me on the Rock of my salvation…..and everything’s ok. 

Sometimes I even get a specific answer for my situation…..bonus!

Dear Father, we thank you for how much more you give us …..more than we could ever ask for or imagine!

What do you think?

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