What was up with the Parents?

How could this happen? The Israelites didn’t teach their children about God so a whole generation grew up not acknowledging God and not remembering what he had done for them.
What were the parents thinking? That someone else would hand down a legacy of faithfulness to their children? Maybe they thought it was the priests’ job and the priests thought the parents were doing it?
They didn’t pass along the stories of God’s provision for them in the wilderness? They didn’t tell the awesome stories about God dividing the Red Sea for them and drowning the Egyptians so they couldn’t follow them and kill them?
These are great stories – what were these parents doing?
Were they distracted by their daily responsibilities? Did they just wander away from their faith? Were they lured away from the truth by the attractiveness of some of the other gods people were worshipping? Did they find such little value in the rich spiritual heritage that had been handed down to them through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that it just wasn’t important to them?
And now that I’m a grandmother, I have to ask where the grandparents were? These people were living to 100 years old – what were they doing with their Godly influence? The grandparents knew better even if the parents were missing the mark.

I just don’t understand it.

Dear Father, we thank you for Godly parents and grandparents who teach their children about you.

What do you think?

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