Spiritual Heartburn

Have you felt it?  The men who walked with our Risen Lord Jesus on the road to Emmaus talk about the burning in their heart as Jesus explained the scriptures to them.

It’s the truth being seared on our hearts like a brand.  When we hear the truth, the Holy Spirit witnesses to our spirit that this is from God and it is burned into our minds, changing us forever.  Sometimes it feel like the hot poker of a blacksmith – poking and burning a simple but profound reality into our hearts.  Sometimes it’s a widespread burning in our gut that demands a response to God as he opens our awareness to new thoughts and new understandings.

When it happens, we are just like the men on the road to Emmaus – we walk with Jesus and his spirit explains the scriptures to us in a way that sears through the lies we believed in the past.

It’s so interesting that the men used the word ‘burn’ because it’s usually not a pleasant and fun experience.  When the Holy Spirit strips away the film of false comfort we have created in our lives, our new understanding can be extremely challenging.  But good.  And its the Truth.

It’s a good burn.

What do you think?

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