I’m Hearing a Voice

Have you ever read the Bible in chronological order?  This is the order it actually happened in history instead of divided by books?

I’ll admit that Kings is not one of the most interesting books in the Bible- a lot of bad kings, not very many good kings, and extremely few great kings.  I read through a chronological Bible several years ago and I was stunned by the passages we are reading right now in Kings.

When you  read through this chronologically, you get to understand how all of those prophets whose books are at the end of the Old Testament were interacting with these kings.  They were talking to these awful kings constantly telling them to stop their wicked ways and to turn from their evilness.  On and on and on.  God was trying to talk to these kings and get them back on the right road.  He was trying to help them do what was right and good.

The prophets spoke loudly and boldly and courageously.

The kings just didn’t listen.

They heard the truth, they were given the stop sign by God – they just didn’t obey.  And king after king fell into ruin and death and lost their dynasty…… because they refused to listen to the Voice.

Dear Father, please open our ears.  We want to listen to your voice

What do you think?

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