They said it would happen

Paul does an incredible job of sharing the Good News with everyone throughout the book of Acts. In Acts 26 he is talking with King Agrippa who is an expert on all Jewish customs and controversies.

Imagine, the Bible tells us that they are in an auditorium filled with military officers and prominent men of the city when King Agrippa asks Paul to tell his story.
And tell it he does – all of it, starting with his persecution of Christians, including his encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus and explaining that now he was just being obedient to the visions that had been given to him from heaven.

Paul took this opportunity to share his testimony with everyone there that day. He ended it by saying that all he was teaching was what Moses said would happen. Moses told them that the Messiah would suffer and would be raised again announcing God’s light to everyone. Other prophets like Isaiah also described the Messiah’s life and death in detail.  Paul was testifying to his personal knowledge that what they said would happen had just happened.
Festus said that Paul was insane but King Agrippa, who knew what the prophets had foretold, said that Paul was not guilty of anything.
The truth was that Jesus had fulfilled all of the prophecies.
They just needed to believe.

Dear Father, we pray for all of those who still need to believe in you. Please open their eyes and hearts to your truth.

What do you think?

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