Where God Lives

What do you pray toward? 

In 2 Chronicles Solomon spends years building a temple for God so that God can have a place to ‘live’ – the Holy of Holies.  When it’s all built, Solomon prays that God will hear their prayers when they pray toward the temple. He was now very happy to have a place where God ‘lived’ so his people could go there to worship him and pray toward that place.

When Jesus came, he changed all that.  Remember when he was talking to the woman at well who made the excuse that she couldn’t worship God because she couldn’t go to the temple?  Jesus replied that we can worship God everywhere because God is a spirit.

And his spirit lives inside of us as believers.  The power of God lives within us.  The truth of God lives within us.  The peace of God lives within us.

God lives within us.  So this got me asking myself  – what do I pray towards?  I’ve always loved the verse in Revelation where the prayers of the believers float up to heaven like incense.  I often talk to God on my commute to work and I’ve talked with a number of Christ-followers who do this since it’s one of the few times of relative ‘alone-ness’ in our lives.  So I regularly imagine the freeways with incense floating up out of the cars on its way to heaven.

But now I think I’m going to try ‘praying towards’ God as he lives inside of me.  Maybe that will help to remind me that I he is here – his power, his truth, his wisdom, his strength and his love live in me. 

I have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and I want to live like it!

Please renew your spirit within us, dear God!

What do you think?

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