Reading Nehemiah is a breeze so far compared to Chronicles, isn’t it?

It’s a great story.  Nehemiah has a cushy job drinking wine for the king (some would say it’s a dream job except he did it because the wine might be poisoned 🙂  And then he is called away by God to help his people rebuild the wall around Jerusalem.

Nehemiah is really clear about the fact that there were people around who didn’t want this to happen.  These people conspired against him and wrote letters filled with lies to the authorities trying to get them to stop the building.  There was conflict from outside his project.

Reading the story this time, I became more aware of the conflict from within.  The beginning of Nehemiah 3 tells us that the people from Tekoa helped with the wall “even though their leaders refused to work with the construction supervisors.”

Oh, yeah.  “Who are they to tell us what to do?” “We’re volunteering here – they should just be happy with that and stop trying to boss us around.”, “We don’t need to listen to anyone, we want to do this our way.”  Can you hear it?

Nehemiah had conflict everywhere he looked but it didn’t stop him from following God’s directions and, as long as Nehemiah was faithful, he knew God would help him complete his assignment.

What a great example for us – especially when we’re facing adversity on every side!

Thank you, God, for being our strength when we face conflict.

What do you think?

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