Is this Why?

Why are we here?  Why did God create us at this time, in this place?

We sometimes wonder about the purpose of all of the trials, challenges and hardships we go through.

And then….sometimes……we get a really clear picture of what God is doing.  He makes it very obvious.  We can see him bringing the pieces of the puzzle together and placing them right where they need to be.

And then other times, he brings someone into our lives to speak the words we need to hear so that we can see the picture.  This is what God did in story of Esther.  He had Mordecai speak truth into Esther’s life and she listened.  As a Jew, she was extremely worried about the kings recent decree that all of the Jews be killed but she didn’t realize that she could possibly save them.  UNTIL Mordecai pointed out that it may be “for such a time as this” that she had become queen.

Could this be her purpose?  She wasn’t sure.  So she fasted and prayed for 3 days and asked Mordecai to ask others to fast and pray with her.  She must have gotten the answers and the strength she needed through the fasting and praying because she risked her life by going to the king to ask his favor.  The rest of the story is very interesting as God puts all of the puzzle pieces together to complete his will through Esther.

Her actions and her faith saved her people from a certain death.

For such a time as this…..

We don’t want to miss it, dear Father.  Help us open up our eyes and our hearts to your purpose for us.

What do you think?

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