In Disguise

Satan disguises himself as the angel of light.

Paul is talking with the Corinthians about false apostles who are trying to draw them away from the truth.  He says he’s not surprised that these deceitful workers are trying to disguise themselves as apostles of Christ because Satan himself tries to make himself look like an angel of light.

Satan uses disguises to make himself look like something that is good.

Does he ever catch us unaware?

Do we sometimes do or say things that cause a -twang- in our conscience but we come up with a good rationalization in our mind so we do it or say it anyway?  …….and Satan smiles.

Do we sometimes tell ourselves that the end justifies the means?  The end result is good – so what if we have to lie or cut some corners to get there?…….and Satan smiles again.

How do we know when we’re being lied to?

When we know the Truth, we also know what is a lie.

Thank you, dear Father, for helping us know the Truth as we read the Bible.

What do you think?

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