A Revolutionary

Jesus was a revolutionary.  He wasn’t conservative, he wasn’t quiet, he didn’t fit into the crowd, he didn’t follow the rules, he wasn’t intimidated by the religious leaders, and he preached a truth that was totally opposite of the culture that he was living in.

Jesus changed the world!

Paul tells us in Galatians 3 that we are the children of God through faith in Jesus Christ.  We have become new people who have put on new clothes.  There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male or female.  We are all one in Christ.


Paul is saying this at a time that Jews looked down their noses at the Gentiles, they owned slaves who ‘slaved’ for them and the men also ‘owned’ the women – treating them like a piece of property.  Their culture was FAR from equal.

But it was true and IS true from God’s perspective.  We are all equally loved and cared for by God.  There are no boundaries and limits to God’s love and provision for us.  Jesus changed it all for all time.  He started a revolution that people are still trying to catch up with today.

Our Christian culture contiues to struggle with acknowledging that ALL people are equal in Christ.  Who do we look down our noses at?

Dear Father, we thank you for sending a revolutionary called Jesus to our world.  Please help us be part of his movement of love and truth.

What do you think?

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