Up On My Wall

Isaiah tells us the God has posted watchmen on our walls who will pray continually day and night without taking any rest.

I know who one of my matchmen was – it was my mother.

God had her posted on my wall and she prayed for me night and day, year after year.

She didn’t have to tell me she prayed – I knew.

I always believed that being posted on my wall meant that she was closer to God.  She had a more direct line because she had a very personal relationship with him.  She was up there, nearer to the heavens, asking for his blessings on my life at times when I felt very far away from him.  He never left me – it was me who wandered away.  But my mother kept me close to him in her prayers.  Looking back, I can see her prayer-print all over my life.

And I know her prayers are still be answered today.  They are living beyond her physical life here.

Her legacy continues.

Thank you, dear Father, for a faithful mother who prayed and will forever be a watchman upon my wall.

What do you think?

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