Timothy was a fortunate young man who received a legacy of genuine faith from his mother and his grandmother.  He was obviously brought up in a home which had at least two very strong role-models for him.

He also clearly chose Christ for himself as he followed in his mother and grandmother’s footsteps.

Many of their prayers for Timothy were answered as he was mentored by Paul and began his own ministry.  He was young but he had courage because of the rock-solid faith that had nurtured him.

Paul also tells Timothy to ‘fan into flame’ of the spiritual gift that was given him.  Timothy was now responsible for his own growing faith.  He had been given a great start and now it was going to be his choices that determined the direction of the rest of his life.

This reminds me that, no matter what kind of start we were given on this path of faith, our choices today determine our direction for the rest of us lives.  We may not be as young as Timothy 🙂 but we still have choices.  And they determine how we spend our time and how we spend our money – and that’s where our hearts are.  And that’s the legacy that we will leave behind.

Dear Father, we ask that you guide us into making choices that bring us closer to you.  We want to leave a legacy of faith.

What do you think?

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