Most Prized Possession

What is your most prized possession?

For me, it would be my family, of course.   Nothing else other than my relationship with God is precious to me. 

If we were talking material items, then it would probably be my camera.  I wanted a camera like it for 25 years and finally got one.  I really like it but, if I lost it or it broke, I’d be fine.  It’s not THAT important to me.  Some of my pictures are pretty precious to me but it’s really the memories that are precious – the pictures are just reminders.

I can’t really think of anything else I own that would be a prized possession. Some Christians might say their Bible is one of theirs but I have several that I used for various reasons.  My current favorite one is a large print version 🙂

I love the scripture in James 1  where God tells us that, out of all his creation, we are his prized possessions.

Don’t you love being called a prized possession by God?  I do.

I don’t always act like his prized possession and I don’t always feel like his prized possession but his word is here to remind me that I am.  I really am.  And so are you!

So let’s walk around today with that thought slowly revolving around in our brains.  Let’s dwell on the love that God shows us as his prized possessions.  His grace…his patience…..his strength.  Let this truth permeate the air that we breathe and let this reality change our thinking today.  And tomorrow.  And each day.

Thank  you, dear Father.  For all that you are.  From one of your prized possessions.

What do you think?

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