It’s Never Enough

“You eat but aren’t satisfied.

You drink but are still thirsty.

You put on clothes but cannot keep warm.

Your wages disappear as though you were putting them in pockets filled with holes.”

Sounds like Haggai could be talking to us today, doesn’t it?Dec 20

Our culture is definitely anti-contentment.  There’s always something bigger.  There’s always something better.  There’s always something newer.  There’s always ……….more.

If one word could define the motivation of our culture today, ‘more’ might be it.

We don’t stop to consider how much stress and unhappiness ‘more’ actually gives us.

How many divorces are because of  ‘more’?  Sometimes it’s from wanting more and sometimes it’s from the consequences of having more.

How many sleepless nights are the result of ‘more’?

How many broken lives are the result of ‘more’?

God tells us over and over in his word that he is all that we need.  Every desire we have is really a desire to have ‘more’ of God. 

And having more of him actually satisfies us.

Dear Father, Please help us correctly identify our desires as wanting more of you in our lives.  Thank you for the contentment you bring.

2 thoughts on “It’s Never Enough

    1. On one hand, I would agree with that. On the other, I see a lot of people my own ‘grandparent’ age that are consumed by consuming. It’s never enough for them, either.
      Hopefully we are starting to see glimpses of new sparks of caring about others with companies like Toms shoes. The emptiness of self gratification is becoming more and more evident.

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