Not The Truth

Abram tells Sarai to lie.  He tells her to say that he is her brother, not her husband.  He rationalizes the lie – she’s so beautiful that someone may kill him just to get her.

So Abram comp Gen 12.3romises his integrity and then tells Sarai to do it as well.

He’s worried…..he doesn’t trust God to take care of the situation.

Is this starting to sound familiar?

Unfortunately, this is also too true in our lives, isn’t it?

We worry.

We’re anxious.

We decide to take things into our hands – help God out a little bit.

We just can’t totally lay this issue at his feet and let him take care of it,

even though he’s often the only one who could possibly take care of it.

Let’s make a New Year’s Resolution to worry less and trust more!

Thank you, dear Father, for your promise to always work things out for our good.  We know that you always keep your promises.

What do you think?

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