Driving a stake….

into the ground.Gen 31

In this passage, we see Jacob taking a stone and setting it up as a pillar to commemorate the agreement between himself and Laban, his father-in-law.

We often see people in the Bible setting up pillars or altars to remind them of an event or an agreement.

From this day forward…..

and here is the reminder.

I think we might do a better job of keeping our commitments if we would set up pillars to remind ourselves.  Well, not exactly pillars :), but reminders.

When I decided that I was going to get serious about reading my Bible, I started putting it out in the family room where I saw it all the time.  It was a very helpful reminder and I ended up reading it a lot more often because whenever I saw it, I remembered my committment to God and myself.

Some people tape special Bible verses onto their bathroom mirrors so they see them every day and are reminded of God’s promises.

Simple, but effective.  What are some other things we can do to help remind ourselves of the committments we have made to God?

What do you think?

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