Whatever Works for You

Sounds good – let’s all do whatever works for us.   Then we’ll be happy.March 26 Judges 21

Or not.

Everyone did as they saw fit – this is how the book of Judges ends.  It may sound good until we scan back a couple of chapters and realize what they thought was fit to do. 

Family members were stealing from each other.  They obviously thought this was an ok thing to do.

Family members were kidnapping each other.  They thought this was ok as well.

Family members were killing each other to the point that they virtually annihilated one of the tribes.  I wonder how they could think this was ok but they did.  They could rationalize anything!

Their moral judgement was quickly spirally into total chaos and confusion.

Because they had no compass.

When we base what is right and wrong on what we think, we’re in trouble.  Then we’re just like these Israelites – doing what we see fit and letting our standards waiver in whatever direction the wind is blowing.

God has been very clear to us on moral boundaries.  We may not like them all or agree with them but that doesn’t make them untrue.  He has given us the choice to follow his compass or not.  What are we choosing?

Dear Father, we desire to walk in your path of truth.  Please guide us so that your moral standards become what ‘fits’ us best.

What do you think?

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