We’ll Never Know……

how often God protects us.

But I caught a glimpse of God’s protection recently as I was driving to work after my regular 6 am Bible study group April 19 2013meeting every Thursday morning.  We had been discussing the topic of how often God protects us but we never know it.

As I drove down Thunderbird road, I saw a car just like mine – same color, same model, looked like the same year.  We just bought this car and I’m still really enjoying how different it looks from my last car.  So I kept peeking over to the next lane to see how it looked.

I was stopped by a red light and the other car zipped through on the yellow so I didn’t see it anymore.  As soon as the light turned green, I realized that the traffic was suddenly going a lot slower.  Great!!  That’s all I needed.  I still had a long drive to work.

We were inching our way up to the freeway when I saw what the hold up was.  The car that looked just like mine had been rear-ended in the middle of the road and it looked like more than just a little fender bender.

That could have easily have been me.  And maybe it would have been if God had not protected me.

I’m not saying that God protects me from all car accidents – I’ve had a few.  I believe that God protects me from some bad things while permitting other bad things to happen.  There is a comfort in that for me.  When bad things happen, I know that God has let them happen for a purpose.  He wants to use this situation for my good and for his glory. 

Just like David says in Psalms 5, I find refuge in my Father God and rejoice.

What do you think?

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