Jesus loves the little children….

All the little children of the 2

I was reminded of this song recently when I had the chance to worship at Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia.   I felt very privileged to pray and sing and listen to God’s Word along with 2,000 Australians. And my understanding of God’s omnipresence felt like it expanded by several miles.

It was just like a pot of popping corn.  I started with a small layer of corn(understanding) on the bottom of the pot but, as the corn popped it started to fill up the pot.  Higher.  Bigger.  Pop, pop!  That’s what my mind felt like as I experienced the reality of God being the God of all of these Australians on the other side of the hemisphere.  I always knew this and believed it – I just had never felt it before.


His love reaches out to all of us.  His mercy covers all of our sins.  Redemption through his Son is the only way for all of us to make our way back to him.  He created each one of us and has a purpose for our lives.

We are all on this journey towards the truth together – all of the little children of the world.

What do you think?

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