Do Not Go Near

Self-discipline.  Most of us cringe a little when we hear those two words.  There always seems to be a place or 2…. or 3 or 4 in my life where I could use more self-discipline.

God tells us in Proverbs 5 to keep to a path that is far from adultery.  He tells us to not go near her house.

I have found that this is a strategy that will work in all of areas of our lives.  We will never explode our lives with something like adultery if we never think about it.  If we don’t think about it, we’ll never get to the point where we will actually do it.

We will be kinder to a ‘difficult’ person in our life if we don’t think bad thoughts about them.   Years ago I realized at work that I needed to get rid of my ‘jerk file’ because, once someone got into my jerk file, I automatically treated them like a jerk – whether they were acting like a jerk now or not.   When I got rid of my jerk file, it was easier to give people a second and third chance.  All of us are jerks once in a while :).

We’ll spend less money if we stop thinking about things we want to buy.  It’s interesting how thinking about something we want long enough can turn it into a ‘need’. 

It all begins in our minds.  Our thoughts become our attitudes and our attitudes become our actions.  If we stop the thinking, we stop the behaviors.

By controlling our thoughts, we are staying as far away from the temptations as we can possibly get – and it works.  Just like God tells us in Proverbs 5.

Dear Father, please help us discipline our minds.

What do you think?

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