Yes, We Know!

Yes, we have heard.

It has been told to us from the beginning – since the earth was founded.July 12 Isaiah 40, 2013

That God sits enthroned above the earth.  So high above us that we look like grasshoppers.

Each day he stretches out the heavens once again  like a canopy.  He provides this tent for us to live in.

Rulers on the earth are reduced to nothing.  They think they are powerful but God blows on them and they wither away only to be swept away like chaff in the next whirlwind.

There is no one and nothing that can be compared to our Holy God.

Nothing ever has been or ever will be equal to him.

We lift up our eyes, dear Father, and look to the heavens.

You created everything!

You bring out the stars every night – one by one – calling them by name.

Because of your great power and mighty strength, there is never one missing.

We praise your name, most Holy God!

What do you think?

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