Jeremiah 16, 2013

You are our strength and our fortress, dear Lord.

You are our refuge when we are distressed.July 31 2013

For so long we have been worshipping and chasing after false gods.  Many of us learned this from our parents and others around us as we were growing up.  We are ready to sacrifice everything to the god of MORE.  We are consumed with getting MORE of whatever we think will make us happy –  money, big houses, having ‘fun’, the latest and greatest of our favorite things.  We’re confident that the god of More will make us happy – at least for a little while.

The reality is the god of MORE is worthless – only bringing unhappiness and discontent because there is never enough.

We ask you to teach us, dear Father.  Teach us your truth, teach us about the things you value, teach us about the things that you want us to have in our lives because they are good for us.

We want to experience your power in our lives.

We want to know the might of your redeeming love as it transforms us in the people you created us to be.

You are the Lord God Almighty.

We praise your name!

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