Psalm 89, 2013

September 18 b 2013There just isn’t enough time to sing about your great love, dear God.

We want to proclaim your faithfulness through all generations – our own and all of the generations to come.  We know all about your faithfulness because we experience every day.

We declare to all of those around us that your love is a forever love – established in heaven – and it will never be shaken.

Your plan of redemption started in the Garden of Eden after Eve decided she wanted to be ‘like God’.  We wish we didn’t relate so closely to that as we try to control everything around us – also wanting to be ‘like God’.

You established King David’s line forever in your plan of love, adding your own son who is now seated on his eternal throne.

We join with the angels in heaven as we praise you, Lord. 

Holy, Holy, Holy.

No one on the earth or in the skies above compares with you.

The wise and holy ones all fear and respect you for you are Most Awesome.

You are All Mighty and your faithfulness surrounds you.

You rule over the sea.  You crush your enemies.

Everything is yours – from the north to the south.

Your throne is anchored by your righteousness and justice.  Love and faithfulness flow out from you.

You bless those of us who walk in the light of your presence, dear Lord.  We feel your blessing upon us, dear Father.

We can rejoice all day long because we know you.  We experience your righteousness.

You are our strength and our glory.  You work things out for our good. 

Our lives belong to you, our king, the Holy One of Israel.


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