Hello, Wise Men!

We’ve read through the Old Testament – congratulations!

I’ve met many Christians who have told me that they avoid reading and studying the Old Testament and they have a variety of reason for this.  I have only one thing to say about that – they are missing out!

As we just witnessed, God has a lot to teach us in the Old Testament.  The treasure is plentiful.  And it’s obviously important to God because 3/4 of his entire revelation to us is in the Old Testament.

Chronologically, biblical history is silent for about 400 hears between the OT and the NT.  A lot of things were happening during this time but God must have decided that those things were not an integral part of his love story to us so they weren’t included in his word.

The New Testament begins with the four gospels and the story of Jesus’ birth.  Angels filled the sky as they announced the birth of the newborn king to the shepherds.  Simeon and Anna were blessed for their faithfulness by having the opportunity to personally meet the Baby Jesus.October 21 2013

And the Wise Men made a very long journey following a star – they knew something big was up.  When they saw Jesus they were overjoyed.  They laid down their treasure before him and worshipped him.

Everytime I read this, I am amazed once again at how the religious people of the time totally missed the whole thing.  The Pharisees and Sadducees were so wrapped up in all of their laws that they missed the fulfillment of prophecies made 700 years before.  We know they knew the scriptures – that was their life work!  They had all the head knowledge but they couldn’t see what was happening right in front of them because their eyes and hearts weren’t open to God.   If they knew God as well as they knew the scriptures, they would have been worshipping Jesus right along with the Wise Men.

They had it all wrong – knowing the scriptures but not knowing God is meaningless.  Our goal is to know and experience God through his word. 

Dear Father, please help us keep our eyes and our hearts open to you!

What do you think?

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