Please Leave

It can be scary when God starts doing something new.

It’s strange.  It’s different.October 30 2013

It takes us out of our comfort zone.

We have a choice – we can embrace it and move deeper into God’s will for us.

Or we can be afraid of this new thing and miss the opportunity to know God better.

In Matthew 8, Jesus releases a man from possession by a legion (a lot) of demons.  People from all over the countryside come to see what happened.  When they see this man who was a lunatic for so many years dressed and acting normal, they were afraid.

So they asked Jesus to leave.

They missed it!  They were in the presence of the King of the Universe and they asked him to go away.

This was too different.

It was too new.

It made them uncomfortable.

So Jesus left.

Of course he did.  He wants to be wanted.  When we choose him, he will come into our hearts and minds to help free us from our own demons.  And, if we give him more and more room in our lives every day, his influence on our life grows and it all starts making sense.  The journey begins to have an eternal purpose that makes it all worth it.

If we’re too afraid, we’ll miss the ‘more’ that God has for us.

Dear Father, please chase away our fears.

What do you think?

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