God Trumps Tradition

Traditions.  We can have a lot of them – especially in church.

They can bring comfort and familiarity.  They can provide structure and bring back great memories.

Nov 1 2013They can also bring rigidity that refuses to change and grow.  They can create an attitude of mindless observation and boredom because we’ve done this a million times before.

Jesus confronts the teachers of the Law in Mark 7 with the fact that they had started making their own rules and traditions more important than God’s command.

Do we ever do that?

One of the most important messages to us in the New Testament is that Jesus changed EVERYTHING!

He turned the religious traditions of his day inside out and upside down.


Because doing God’s will was more important to him than observing the religious traditions of his time.

Jesus started a revolution over 2000 years ago by being radically sold out to God.  In his life, obedience to God  was more important than following traditions and the current acceptable cultural norms.

THIS should be our tradition.

Thank you, dear Jesus, for coming to earth to save us and to show us how to live.

What do you think?

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