First – Clean the Inside

“First clean the inside of the dish and then the outside also will be clean,” Jesus tells the Teachers of the Law in Matthew 23.

Jesus is talking to them about their hypocrisy.  He points out that they work so hard at looking clean on the outside but their hearts are full of wickedness.

The inside.Nove 11 2 2013

Our hearts and minds.

It’s so much easier to clean up the outside, isn’t it?

We can make ourselves look good, we can act like we have it all together.

The challenge Jesus gives us today is the same challenge he gave the Pharisees over 2000 years ago.  We need to clean up the inside and then the outside – what people see –  will take care of itself.

How do we do this?

It’s about daily focusing our eyes on Jesus.  When the things that are most important to us are the same as the things that are most important to God, we are right where we need to be.  When we let the Holy Spirit move in our hearts and minds, he will transform us.  Yes, its gradual.  Unfortunately it doesn’t happen overnight.

When we love God with all of our heart, mind and soul, the Holy Spirit has free reign within us and he will help us clean it up.

He has promised!

Thank you, dear Father.

What do you think?

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