Sometimes we can really get wrapped up in comparing ourselves to others, don’t we?

We compare our kids, our careers, our marriages, houses, lifestyles – everything.Nov 19 2013

With our church family we try to compare our levels of faith, what version of the Bible we use, frequency of church attendance and service – everything.

Peter does this same thing in John 21.  He is talking with our Risen Lord Jesus who had just asked Peter to pledge his love for Jesus three times.  Jesus tells Peter that he will glorify God in his death.

Peter then looks back at John who is following them as they walk down the shoreline and he says, “Lord, what about him?”  Peter is wondering how John is going to glorify God – what’s John going to b doing?  How is John going to die? 

And Jesus replies, “What is that to you?”


The WITTY principle – God treats us all as individuals.  He gives each of us unique gifts and unique purposes.

Comparing ourselves to others is wasted effort and not what God wants us to do with what he has given to us.

Anytime we’re temped to start the comparisons, it’s good to remember this WITTY principle.

And then focus our eyes back onto Jesus.

Thank you, Jesus.

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