Is it Worth It?

How much of our time do we spend working?  Watching TV?  Playing games on our various devices?  On our hobbies?

Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians that, when the day of Judgement comes, whatever we have accomplished will be tested by fire.  The fire will reveal the quality of each person’s life.Nov 30 2013

Things that were done in Christ’s name and for the glory of God will survive. 

All of the other things we have done will be burned up because they have no eternal value.

If a person has accepted salvation through Jesus Christ, they will be saved even though everything they’ve done in life will be burned up.  They will be like ‘one escaping through the flames’.  They will have nothing to show for their time on earth because they will have wasted their lives on things that just weren’t worth it.

So – all of the things we spend our time on……

Are they worth anything?

What do you think?

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