Hello, 2014!

Do you feel it?

Do you see it?

The sun rose again this morning – bringing us light,

bringing us warmth.

Reminding us that our faithful Father has once again given us another day.

A day to talk with him.

A day to love him.

A day to serve him.

Another beginning.

What new things is he planning for us this year?

What turns and curves is our journey going to take?

We know that God is going to help us know him better.  He promised that we will find him when we seek him.

Dear Father, We are excited to begin another year of our relationship with you.  We look forward to this year with high expectations.  We know you have so much more to teach us!  You also have so much more love to lavish upon us….and we’re ready!  We begin again with a renewed committment in our journey towards the Truth – towards you..  We will face the challenges of this year with confidence because you will be right beside us.  We thank you in advance for the wonderful things you have planned for us.  In the awesome name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

Note: I have some posts left from the end of our reading in 2013 which I’m going to post on my blog throughout today but not on Facebook.   If you usually check these out on facebook, you can catch them on my blog if you’d like.

What do you think?

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