Neither hot or cold.

Not sold out.

Not committed.

Little action.

Even less passion.

God tells the church in Laodicea that, because they are lukewarm, he is going to spit them out of his mouth.  He tells them they are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.

Wow!  Lukewarm is not where I want to be.  God’s says that he would rather we be cold than lukewarm.

And then he calls us to repentance.Dec 28 2013

He is waiting.

He is standing at the door and knocking.  If we hear his voice and open the door, he will come in and give us a passion for him.

He will help us become sold out about our relationship with him.

He will help us commit to a life-long journey of faith and he will give us the energy we need to put our faith into action.

A passionate journey of faith is often uncomfortable as well as inconvenient.

But there’s nothing lukewarm about it!

Thank you, dear Father!

3 thoughts on “Lukewarm

  1. I think the worst thing for a walk in faith is doing something in order to try and get something. You turn up the spiritual heat just enough so that you can reach the goals you want but never the goals that God intends for us. To me this is the definition of luke warm faith. Being so self-centered that your faith life never leaves the boundaries of your own wants and desires.

    1. I agree- if our faith walk is about us, the best we will ever achieve is lukewarm. The supernatural starts happening when we really plug into the power of God and make it all about him. When he is in control, we are free to love him and serve him and know him. As we listen and obey, he takes care of the rest. In my office I have a picture of a hot air balloon sailing off into the sunset with this statement on it – ‘Faith is holding on to God’s dreams….and finding your own fulfilled’. When we put him first, the rest works better than we could ever hope….or dream. And there’s nothing lukewarm about it.

  2. lukewarm means mixing faith and works.
    lukewarm means mixing law and grace.

    it has nothing to do with our service, whether we are passionate enough.

    Jesus said, new wine cannot be poured onto the old wine skin. old wine cannot be poured onto new wine skin. they will burst.

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