The choices we make determine the direction we take.  We may ‘intend’ to go a certain direction but we won’t go there if our choices take us in a different direction.

We watch Lot’s future unfold in Genesis 13 as he chooses to live in the garden-like land near Sodom.Jan 5 2014

Yes, he chose to live by Sodom which already had the reputation of being filled with wicked people who were rebelling against the Lord.

What do you think of his choice?  If Lot wanted to live a life of faithfulness and obedience to God, why would he literally pitch his tent next to a place dedicated to the opposite values?  We’ll see later that this proved to be a very bad choice for Lot and he will experience some very hard consequences from it.

Do we ever do this?  We intend to do something good but end up making choices that take us in a very different direction and it all ends badly.  Our choices each day determine the path we are on.

And God as given us a new day today to make different choices if we need to change our direction.  His grace covers our old bad choices.  When we ask, he gives us wisdom and strength to make changes….

Starting today…..

Starting right now.

Thank you, dear God!

What do you think?

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