At a time when women were considered more of an item of property than an equal person, it is refreshing to see God give Zelophehad’s daughters the right to inherit their father’s property.March 2 2014

This just wasn’t done in this culture.  The sons inherited or the brothers or the male cousins.  Not the daughters.  As we read further in this chapter, I can just hear the male contingent of the family saying, ” But!  But! But!” and so we see God put conditions on the inheritance so it stays within the clan.

It’s a revolutionary decision.  And it’s just like God.  God always treated women well even when men didn’t.  He always weighed in on the side of the oppressed.  We see continuous examples of this throughout the Bible.  Jesus was an awesome example of this – he always stood up for the weak, the poor, the unpopular.

When we are making decisions about supporting the poor, the oppressed or unpopular, we never have to question what God would have us do.  It’s extremely clear.

God calls us to stand for those that are less privileged than we are.  Every time.

What do you think?

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