1Chronicles 29. 2014

Picture this with me –

King David  is standing in the middle of a huge mountain of bronze, silver, iron and gold with large piles of precious stones on top.  These are his offerings and the offerings of his people as they prepare for Solomon to build a temple for God.  David rejoices as he lifts up his hands high to heaven and says –

We give you all praise to you, God of Israel!April 19 2014

Now and forever we will praise you!

Only you are great and powerful!  Your majesty and splendor are glorious!

Absolutely everything is yours.

You are our king.

All wealth and honor come from you.

You are in total control of all things.

All strength and power come from you.

We give you thanks and praise your glorious name!

We have given generously in order to build a temple for you, but it all originally came from you.  Everything comes from you – we’re just giving some of it back.

Thank you, dear God, for giving us this picture in our minds of a godly king who understood where his strength and power and wealth and honor came from.  May we follow his example.

What do you think?

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