Psalm 119, 2014

Teach me, Lord, the right way to live my life so I can live like that the rest of my life.May 3 2014

I want to understand so that I can follow you with all of my heart.

Help me do the things you want me to do because you and I know those are the things that are going to make me really happy.

Focus my mind on things that are good for me.

Help me to stop my habit of getting all wrapped up in me and what I want.

Please help me use my time and energy on those things that matter most to you.  I want my life to be about the things you care about.

I know you always keep your promises and you desire respect and honor from me.

Please take away the guilt and shame that my sins have brought into my life.

I desire to live like you want me to live…each day, in every way…all of the way to the end.

Thank you, dear God.



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