Psalm 42, 2014

May 7 a 2014I need you, dear God.

I am so empty when don’t feel you near me.

How can I get closer to you?

I am blinded by tears running down my face – day and night.

People say to me, ” What good is your God now?”

I remember how I used to run to you so easily and feel your protection.

I had so much joy!  I felt very blessed!  I loved being surrounded by people who love you!

Why am I so depressed?May 7b

I know what to do.  I need to turn back to you.  I need to revive the hope that I have because you have saved me and you are my God!

When I am most miserable, I need to remind myself of how you have always taken care of me.  You have always been faithful to me.

I need to feel your deep, endless love sweeping over me and through me again.

I know you love me.  I feel you near me at night.  When it’s dark…..and I’m praying.

But I still lose focus and I start complaining and whining.

When I focus on negative things, I start thinking that you have forgotten me.

I feel like the entire world is against me.  I am so sick and tired.  So helpless.  So useless……..

The taunts of the Evil One echo in my head – where is your God now?

I need to stop letting my mind take me there.  I need to focus on you, God, and spend as much time as possible with you.

You are my hope and salvation.

You will deliver me again!

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