Not An Option

King Jehoshaphat of Judah did what was right in the eyes of the Lord.  He removed all evidence of false gods from the land.  He got rid of the rest of the male shrine prostitutes and he removed the high places and Asherah poles which were used to worship false gods.June 4 2014

Jehoshaphat sought the God of his father and followed God’s commands.  As a result, God made him very prosperous.

King Jehoshaphat didn’t stop there.  He sent officials and priests out to teach the people the commands of God.  It was not enough that the king was a good leader and that he followed God himself.  He understood that God’s word was for all of the people.  They all needed to know God and follow him.

Because of Jehoshaphat’s faithfulness, he became very wealthy and powerful.  God gave his kingdom a time of peace.

I have talked to some parents who have told we that they don’t want to force their beliefs upon their children.   They want their children to choose for themselves what to believe.

This is a very dangerous idea.  What they are really doing is handing Satan and his team an empty mind to play with and influence.  And they are not following the directions God gave to us over and over in his word to teach our children.

I was talking with a woman in church many years ago who was sad because her 10 year-old son wouldn’t come to church with her.  I told her that not going to church was not an option for my children.  I’m the parent, right?  So I decide what a 10 year-old does or does not do.  It’s different when they become adults – it becomes their decision.  And they make their decisions based on the truth that they were taught when they were kids.

Teaching our children and our grandchildren about God is not an option for those of us who believe.




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