The Highway of Holiness

Isaiah 35, 2014:

The blind will see and the deaf will hear.

The broken will become whole and shout for joy.

The earth will rejoice –July 5 Highway of Holiness

*water will gush in the wilderness.

* streams will appear in the desert.

* hot sand will become cool pools of water.

* bubbling springs will feed the thirsty ground.

* grass and plants will grow on the once barren ground.

And the Highway to Holiness will be there for all who are saved.

The unsaved won’t walk on it – the fools won’t go.

There will be no danger there.

Only the redeemed- those who have been rescued by God – will walk there.

They will enter their destination with singing.

Joy will never leave them.

All sorrow and sighing will disappear as gladness overwhelms them.

Thank you, dear Father, for the Highway of Holiness.


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