Be Appalled

Jeremiah tells the people of Judah to compare their faithfulness to that of the pagans.July 25 2014 more faithful first one

The pagans had false, worthless gods who had never done anything for them.  Yet, the pagans were extremely faithful to their gods – to the point of sacrificing their sons and daughters.

Meanwhile, Judah had exchanged their glorious, loving God for worthless idols.

” Be appalled at this’, Jeremiah says.  “Shudder with great horror!”

Do we ever do this?  Do we ever show more faithfulness to one our idols that we do to our Father God?

It’s easy to get caught up in spending our time and energy serving the god of money.  How many hours a week do we work?  How does that compare to the time we spend reading God’s word, praying, worshipping and serving?  Yes, most of us have to work to support ourselves.  Balancing that in order to make sure our top priority also gets an appropriate amount of time and energy is difficult….not impossible.

Our Glorious God who provides everything for us – including our next breath – is calling us today to be faithful.

Yes, dear Father.

2 thoughts on “Be Appalled

  1. I have been studying Kedar for the last 2 weeks. The connection I made is that they were a very hostile tribe and “Kedar” was the second son of Ishmael. They also were, from my understanding most likely followers of Islam. PLEASE correct me if I am wrong as this has been driving me crazy since the ISIS stuff and then I made this connection. I have never noticed “Kedar” before and now seeing it everywhere.

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