Closer to God

Most of us have a place where we feel closer to God.

Mine is the beach.  Followed closely by the mountains.rainbow in hawaii 2014

My husband and I are on a 12- day vacation in Hawaii and, each day, I am reminded specifically how awesome our Father God is!

A beautiful rainbow out over the ocean on our first morning here reminded me of God’s faithfulness to us – generation after generation.

The gorgeous sunsets over the ocean every evening paint a glorious picture of all of the colors and shapes of God’s love.

Peaking under the surface of the ocean while snorkeling, I was amazed once again at the vast power of our Creator God who holds it all together by the power of his will.  Yet, as a small fish swims by with it’s beautiful combination of red and yellows outlined perfectly by a sweeping line of black across it’s side, I am so thankful for how God cares for the smallest details.lights of waikiki 2014

Hundreds of lights dotting the skyline of Waikiki from our balcony representing thousands of people from all over the world reminds me that Jesus came to earth to redeem ALL of those who would believe in him and accept his salvation.

We know that all of these things are true because of God’s Word to us.

What new things will God reveal to us as we continue on our journey?

What do you think?

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