I’m Not Stubborn!

I’m not stubborn!July 28 2014 stubborn

I’m not stubborn!

These words make me smile because it brings back a memory that is now precious of my daughter when she was a  small, very determined, 5 year old.  Her older brother would tease her about being stubborn and she would yell these words loudly and repeatedly – proving his point.

But she couldn’t see that.  Her mind was closed to the idea that her behavior was anything other than acceptable.

She was just a little girl with a lot to learn.  She has since grown into a beautiful, extremely intelligent, still very determined young woman who hasn’t said these words in a long time.

Just like us – we don’t say the words.  But do we have this attitude?  Can we take down the self-protective walls that we’ve built in our minds and take an honest look at our behavior?  Is there a stubborn streak there?  I know I can be stubborn.  In the past I would have said it was because I was always right but God has already shown me the error of that thinking 🙂

Jeremiah tells us in his 7th chapter that God accuses Israel of being stubborn.  He has commanded them to obey him but they do not listen.  They ‘follow the stubborn inclination of their evil hearts.’


Our stubbornness leads to behavior that does not please God.

Please open our eyes to our stubbornness, dear Father, so we can let you transform it into obedience.

What do you think?

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