A Healing Place


Jesus went to a pool called Bethesda and healed a man who had been an invalid for 38 years.  When the water of this pool stirred, the first person in the pool was healed.  This crippled man had no one to help him get into the water first, so he had waited…..and waited….and waited – for years.fDSC_0489

It may not be obvious on the outside, but we all have places in our hearts and minds where we need healing.  We need Jesus to touch those places and make us whole.  It may be an attitude, a lie we have believed all of our lives or a way that we think about a certain subject that needs to be healed.

I had the privilege of travelling to Israel this year and I saw the pool at Bethesda. (pictures).  There was something extremely calming and peaceful about this place.  And I knew I would be coming here in my mind for the rest of the my life when I needed healing from Jesus.

Jesus recently gave me a whole new perspective on food and what I should be eating through God’s Word to me in the Bible.  How I looked at food as it relates to what I believe about God has been incorrect my entire adult life and now I’m on the path of getting that part of my life lined up with what God wants for me.fDSC_0490

My mind has been renewed in this area.  I’ve been healed.  But I waited a long time.

Let’s not wait.  Let’s go to Jesus today and ask him for healing in our lives where we’re not in line with God’s Word.

Let’s go to the pool together.  I will help you get in. 🙂

Thank you, dear Father, for your Word to us.  We lift  up the confused, broken, rebellious parts of our hearts and minds where we need healing.  The places where we need to know the Truth.  As the Holy Spirit moves the waters of our spirit today, we step into the pool knowing it is your will to heal us.  We know that your desire for us is to continue to grow in becoming more and more like Jesus.

We commit to doing our part – reading your word, listening and obeying.  Obeying when it’s hard.  Obeying when we really, really don’t feel like it.  We will bow our knees, declare you Lord in this place in our lives, and we will obey.

For your glory, dear Father!

In the redeeming name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

2 thoughts on “A Healing Place

  1. Really enjoyed your blog! So glad you are being healed. There is nothing we can do or not do which will influence our salvation. I have first hand knowledge of this as a child my father had a list of foods that were forbidden as a Jehovah’s witness what he ate was of great importance. And as a consequence of this I have never eaten black pudding although I myself am not a Jehovah’s witness. I thank God that Jesus is the Lord of my life and these things matter not!!.

    1. Thanks for the comment. It is so important to know that these kinds of things don’t affect our salvation. But they do affect on our ongoing relationship with God. My healing is more from the lies that our culture has told me about doing and eating what I want. God pointed out his many scriptures to me about food and it’s proper place in my life. God has given us a desire for the Bread of Life who is Jesus. So often we misdirect that desire towards other things. It’s definitely not about man-made rules, its about the freedom we have to choose to be in line with God’s direction for us.

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