Our Guardian Angels

Why do they do it?  Why do police officers put their lives on the lines every day?  Why do they agree to put this huge target on their backs?


Because God created them this way.  They care about having a safe community for you and me and their loved ones to live in.  To play in.  To not have to be afraid in.

And they are willing to do something about it.

Are there bad cops?  Sure.  Just like there are bad pastors, bad teachers and bad parents.

But the majority of them really care about right and wrong.  They really care about protecting and serving.  And they step up and put their life on the line to prove it.

Then why do Police Officers get such a huge amount of bad press?

This is a clear sign of how hard Satan and his team is working in our confused and ‘follow the crowd’ world.  Yes, we have a lot of information readily at our fingertips today – a lot of incorrect information.

Police officers are very easy targets for people who don’t have any idea of what really happens out there when they are face-to-face with murderers, drug dealers and psychopaths.  Police officers courageous face the danger of dealing with these criminals in an effort to stop them from hurting other people.

We read in God’s word about the guardian angels he sends to protect us and fight our battles for us.

The reality is that some of our guardian angels wear police uniforms.

Thank you, dear Father, for our guardian angels.

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