As the final Revelation begins, John is writing to the 7 churches.  The message that reverberates through my mind is his word to the church of Laodicea –dec 28 2014 lukewarm

Don’t be lukewarm.

Be hot.  Or cold.  But not lukewarm.

He sounded pretty disgusted with this church – saying he would ‘spit’ them out of his mouth.

They were rich and they were acting like they had everything they needed.  But John called them pitiful, poor, blind and naked.

And then he offers them the truth.  He calls them to repentance and reminds them that Jesus is always ready to forgive them and redeem them.

Lukewarm is not a good place to be.  Jesus came to earth to save us and transform us into beacons of light in a lost and broken world.

‘Okay’ is not what we are called to be.  The Holy Spirit wants to set a fire burning within us as we seek to know and love our Abba Father.  As we learn to love and care for each other in Christ’s name.

Is there a fire burning in our hearts?  A fire that burns hot?  A fire that keeps us passionate about following Jesus on this journey towards the truth?

Turn up the heat, dear Father!


What do you think?

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