In the Beginning

The Spirit of God hovered over a formless, dark, and empty world.

Then God created light.  The sky.  The land and the sea.  Plants and trees.  The sun.  The moon.  All living creatures – on the land and in the water.Genesis 1 2015 in the beginning

And he saw that it was good.

Then God created male and female in his own image.

He created US.

He was looking forward to the relationship he would have with Adam and Eve – walking through his beautiful garden with them every day.

He knew they would eat the apple – in defiance of his one restriction to their use of his garden.

God knew Cain would kill his brother.

He knew he would destroy all of the rebellious people with a flood, saving Noah and his family to repopulate the earth.

God knew he was going to grow Abraham into a Father of Faith.

He knew Joseph needed to go to Egypt to save multitudes of people including his family from starvation.

He knew that his people would be enslaved and would need a reluctant hero – Moses – to set them free.

God knew all about the whining Israelites wandering through the desert.  And brave Joshua who would step up to lead them into the Promised Land.

God knew about all of the issues with idols and other gods.  Of sins heaped upon sins.

He knew about David, a man after his own heart, who would be a beacon of light in the darkness even while battling with his own sins.

He knew that his prophets saying his words to his people would be ignored….ridiculed…..killed.

He knew about the heart-breaking exile that would happen to his people and their struggles to rebuild Jerusalem and the temple.

God already knew he was going to have to send his son in order to save the people he had created in his own image.

He knew that this son he dearly loved would have to die an excruciatingly painful death on the cross as the sins of all the world were placed on him.

God knew that the worst part would be when he had to turn away, separating himself from the sin….while his son cried, “Father, why have you forsaken me?”

God knew all of this before he created us.

And he did it anyway.

Because he thinks we’re worth it.

For God so loved the world…..


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